Life Coach & therapist

L.C.H. Diploma, level 7

fully insured


I empower overwhelmed, stressed out parents juggling family and career demands to create a healthy haven of balance, peace and harmony in the home.

Having dealt with blow after blow, I mastered my own pitfalls to create deep resilience. My key areas of speciality are:

  • Handling decisions - helping clients make congruent, heart centred decisions that feel right and empower them.

  • Intuition - I zone in to the heart of the problem using my intuition to create a quick resolution with a win/win and faster results.

  • Building Resilience - by facilitating a shift in perspective of their issues to create possibilities and eliminate limitations through thought-provoking and relevant questions.

My inspiration: Blue Diamonds are remarkably rare and stunning in appearance.  It is the Boron particles (impurities) trapped within the crystal lattice that absorb yellow light thus reflecting a blue colour.  No two are ever alike.  Each blue diamond boasts a unique shade and set of characteristics.   Blue Diamond Therapies signify a unique gem that is "YOU". The honing, polishing and clarity of your gemstone continues to sparkle as you emerge.

The only thing stopping you reaching your potential is "YOU". 



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