Life Coach & therapist

L.C.H. Diploma, level 7

fully insured


Background: Human Resources, Counselling and Life Coaching.  Having navigated  choppy waters and made key decisions that have served me well over the past 20 years, I am passionate about empowering others to transition from pain to pleasure by coaching them to build clarity, confidence, emotional balance and resilience. 

Think of me as an emotional fitness trainer. Let's identify and break through barriers, build self-esteem and create harmony. 

My inspiration: Blue Diamonds are remarkably rare and stunning in appearance.  It is the Boron particles (impurities) trapped within the crystal lattice that absorb yellow light thus reflecting a blue colour.  No two are ever alike.  Each blue diamond boasts a unique shade and set of characteristics.   Blue Diamond Therapies signify a unique gem that is "YOU".

The only thing stopping you reaching your potential is "YOU". 



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