I came to Tereza because I had been struggling with my anxiety around public speaking and being in the spotlight for many years and I had been struggling to fix it on my own for years. To say I was frustrated and emotionally distressed when I came to her is an understatement. Right from our initial phone conversation Tereza displayed a real understanding of my fears and emphasised with how important it was for me to address the root cause and then work on managing the issue. The timings of my sessions were convenient to my lifestyle and workload and she ensured that I was comfortable coming into each session to get the fullest experience. After my very first session I was given some really thought provoking questions which enabled me to thread together key events in my life which gave me the cause of my issue. From there Tereza worked with me to give me tools on how to manage the anxiety and all these were realistic and easy to apply. To say that Tereza changed my life doe snot give her enough credit for taking me through the process of uprooting my issue and then helping me to use the tools. I think her relaxed and calming style works wonders and she is able to manage this with being able to ask direct thought provoking questions that aid you in coming up with your own solutions. I highly recommend her coaching and coaching style. Many thanks.



In my sessions with her, Tereza embraced a position of absolute peace and reason, giving me a time of calm in the storm that was my adolescent life at the time. The muddled and complicated nature of my thoughts were give free reign and I was able to finally take control of the depressive and destructive patterns in my behaviour. My most memorable experience consisted of her showing me alternate methods I could apply leaving me in disbelief to how effective and successful they had been for me. Her help and advice still have a very prominent presence in my mind and functions as a solid anchor to hold on to when times get tough. Seeking coaching with Tereza allowed me to reclaim my life and set me on the correct path in fulfilling my personal destiny.